It remains the perennial question of our ages, are we alone? (a real-life alien-hunting astronomer looks back on a life fueled by near misses, human endeavour and figuring out what contact would really look like.)

It is only in the last century that we have had the modern tools able to make this search a practical reality. Allowing us to explore the far reaches of space that we never thought possible. One of those people responsible for this modern day search is Jill Tarter, the now retired former director of the Center for SETI Research of SETI, or better known as . She spent her career obsessed by tracing the faint signs of extraterrestrial life, her passion never going unnoticed, in 1997 she was portrayed on the big screen by a younger Jodie Foster in the universally praised film Contact. Now retired, Tarter looks back on a life fueled by near misses,  human endeavour and figuring out what contact would really look like.


Source: 52 Insights | Interview With SETI Astronomer Jill Tarter